Von Miller unsure what kind of reception to expect when Bills visit Rams on Thursday night

Von Miller is about to play his third consecutive game in SoFi Stadium, but under very different circumstances than his last two games: In his last game, SoFi was a neutral field, and Miller and the Rams were winning the Super Bowl. Before that, SoFi was the home field for the Rams as they won the NFC Championship Game.

Now Miller is with the Bills, and he’s preparing to open the season on the road against the Rams on Thursday night. And he’s not sure what kind of reception to expect.

“What if the fans boo me, what if the fans cheer me? I’ve already thought about all of these different things,” he said, via NewYorkUpstate.com. “When it comes game day, I’m so locked in on me trying to be the best player that I can be for the Buffalo Bills. And that’s where my mindset, my mentality needs to be.”

Miller also said he isn’t sure how his former Rams teammates and Rams coach Sean McVay will welcome him.

“I’ve thought about it, thought about like, ‘Man, what I’m gonna say to Aaron Donald in warm ups and pregame?’” Miller said. “I’ve thought, is coach McVay gonna look at me crazy, like before the game. And if he does, how do I react?”

For his part, Miller says he has nothing but warm feelings toward the players and coaches he won the Super Bowl with at SoFi seven months ago.

“What can I say?” Miller said. “You know, it was no reason for me to leave. I just felt like [Buffalo] was my place to be. And whenever you leave on those terms, it’s always going to be some weird feelings. But at the end of the day, man, those are my brothers. And I know they feel the same about me.”

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