6-foot boa constrictor escapes owner’s home in Pennsylvania

Authorities in Pennsylvania are warning members of the public to be on the lookout for a 6-foot boa constrictor who escaped from his owner’s home.

Police and animal rescuers in Mercer said the snake, named Steve Irwin, escaped from his owner’s home through an open front door in the North Pitt Street area of Mercer.

“We just wanted to let everyone know this thing is out there, and if you see it, you probably shouldn’t play with it,” Paul Tobin of the Mercer County Humane Society told The Herald newspaper.

Tobin said the snake was recently fed and will likely not be on the hunt for food.

“But these snakes are opportunists,” he said. “So if the opportunity arose, it would probably eat.”

The boa’s owner said in a Facebook post that a $200 reward is being offered for Steve’s safe return.

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