Raccoon rescued from drowning in Long Island storm drain

Animal rescuers in New York came to the rescue of a raccoon that was in danger of drowning after being found treading water in a storm drain.

Police in Port Jefferson, Long Island, called the Strong Island Animal Rescue League for assistance when a resident reported the struggling raccoon and rescuer Frankie Floridia rushed to the scene.

Floridia said the raccoon was struggling to swim in the storm drain and was in danger of drowning, especially with more rain expected in the ensuing hours.

“He barely had any time left, especially with the rain coming,” Floridia told Patch. “With the rising tide, it would have consumed him. He would have been finished.”

A video posted to Facebook by Strong Island Animal Rescue League shows Floridia using a catch pole to fish the snarling raccoon out of the water and into a plastic container.

Floridia said the raccoon was released back into the wild.

“Everything was fine,” he said. “The raccoon was completely fine. It was very healthy.”

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